Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Extortion - Loose Screws (review)


To reasonably respect the fast pace nature of Loose Screws from Perth, Australia's violence group let's do this:

A fast fucking intense piece of adrenaline assault of extreme music that improves upon their infectious Sick. With some pieces lasting up to 2 minutes, all of the songs don't compromise ferocity. Catchy and more addicting than Sick. It's like falling off a skyscraper; just like the album artwork presents.

If Napalm Death's Barney Greenway intimidating guest vocal on the appropriately titled "Grind To A Halt" doesn't attract you, the repetitive nature of "Faulty Wiring" will be stuck in your head.



Friday, February 19, 2010

Blacklisted - Eccentrichine (review)

Lost In An Illusion

It was a bit questionable of what Blacklisted done on the much experimental No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me. No problem for me to like new distances and although I did like the album, there seemed to be an annoying vibe of that it sounds more of a solo album by singer George Hirsch than an actual Blacklisted album. Shortly after the record's stealthy release onto Deathwish Inc., a companion EP recently came about which in result makes question its purpose and makes me appreciate No One even more.

With only four songs, Eccentrichine features two new songs recorded from the No One session. That album lasted less than 30 minutes and the revealed pieces are conventional song length? "Stones Throw" could have been added no problem because it sounds like a song from the album while the title track could have been hidden or Japan only. The title track strays away to what we expect from them and goes all alternative rock. It does fall though into good concept/bad execution though; it fits here on an EP that's weak.

The other two songs fall under the same issue where the more electric "The P.I.G." is very exciting while an acoustic version of "Wish" lacks any energy. With only standing half way, Eccentrichine more of an optional piece for non-hardcore fans of Blacklisted.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tactical Intervention tech demo video leaked

Fan site of the spiritual successor to Counter-Strike has uploaded a portion of a Tactical Intervention demonstration recorded with a handycam onto the internet for all of us to witness.

With a first look and actual gameplay footage revealed late last year, co-creator of Counter-Strike and head of Tactical Intervention Minh Le speaks and plays on behalf of the video showing what will be featured in the upcoming Source engine powered game.

The beginning of the video shows the Le shooting different objects within the environment including a rack of sweaters that dynamically flail when shot at. He was then able to use the butt of the primary weapon as a melee move without the need of a knife. About half-way in, the demonstration surprisingly presents the ability of having attack dogs that can be used by both terrorists and counter-terrorists. Near the end, Le shows some of actions the player can do including leaning, blindfiring without the need for a cover mechanism and taking a hostage as a human shield.

Though there are some similarities yet some differences to Counter-Strike, we will have to wait for the upcoming beta that was originally planned for a late 2009 release.

(Thanks and This Is Game)