Thursday, August 20, 2009

Burnt By The Sun - Heart Of Darkness

Always bet on Dave!
Drummer Dave Witte and vocalist Mike Olender quit Burnt By The Sun for a short time but returned to record one last ditch effort with the band before ending it once and for all. It's the swan songs for this act but I cannot say Dave=good music no matter fucking what even if his contribution to whatever band his takes part of is good. Heart of Darkness by Burnt By The Sun is great because it's great in what it delivers without being placed in a template of mainstream metalcore; although they almost reached that particular stage. For a couple of dynamic moments into the first song "Inner Station" you wouldn't be even thinking of metalcore anymore, you will think of awesome.

They are excellent in playing each of their respected instruments but what makes this final effort so heavy is the well placed hooks from all departments. Ranging from Coalesce to Discordance Axis (Dave was there!), they know how to make something catchy with the grooved up fuck you riffs on "There Will Be Blood" to the sweet short bursts of grind-y vocal and drumming on "Beacon". This reason alone garners an 8 but another important factor is the unpredictability as influences come all across while staying consistent and extreme. Every listen feels like I encountered something new which I might have missed before.

If I can find the song that sums up Heart is the first written track "Goliath" where it's follows fast and slow tempos with the multiple notions of good breakdowns with signs of AmRep noise rock followed by sludge and thrash with technical death metal tendencies within 3 minutes. If they can make so much brutality within that time frame while not sounding messy and filled with too much sounds everywhere, I know there is hope for newer bands doing the same.

The review might get you interested but it's all about the listen and BBTS's final album will destroy your ears; the non Metallica way.



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