Monday, June 6, 2011

Pre-E3: Electronic Arts Game Changers

Electronic Arts represented the second press conference in day 0 of E3 with some heavy hitters including their sports entries and the popular Battlefield series.

Mass Effect 3 is one of the major headliners of the show with Bioware executive producer Casey Hudson showing off a new demo apart from the Kinect iteration at the Microsoft briefing. Commander Shepard is tasked to destroy a Reaper base only to find out that it's actually a living Reaper. One of the many antagonists tasked with destroying the Earth, this Reaper gives chase to a fleeing Shepard leading to a energetic rail sequence. After the delay announcement prior to E3, Mass Effect 3 was given a definite release date of Mar. 6, 2012.

The next game would be Black Box's Need For Speed: The Run. The gameplay certainly have the characteristic cinematic aspect that Black Box's Need For Speed games but they have also added on foot quick-time-events to change the pace. After the success of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit's autolog feature, The Run expands the ability with more social stats information including seeing single player progress from your friends.

Bioware Vice-President Greg Zeschuk would come out to do a quick talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic before showing a trailer based on the past CG videos.

A new trailer for SSX: Deadly Descents was revealed showing off the three major concepts that EA Sports President Peter Moore explained. "Race it, trick it, survive it," Moore said.

An EA conference isn't it without its Sports brand and info of FIFA and Madden are no exceptions. The former has a chockload of content for its 2012 iteration including refined animations, defense, collision. Another introduction is a social system called Football Club where players can communicate and compete with each other in a local friends league.

The social aspect also expands to The Sims with Facebook capabilities. Players can play a 2D version of The Sims and perform activities similar to the actual game with friends online.

38 Studios CEO Curt Schilling would introduce a new trailer of their upcoming game Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning and the many contributors to the project including Todd McFarlane.

Ever since the announcement last year, Insomniac Games' Ted Price would finally introduce their multiplatform game under the EA Partners brand. OverStrike involves a small group of unique government agents tasked with defeating their agency from creating a calamity. Each member has different abilities and weaponry such as stealth and a freezing foam gun that heavily compliments each other members' privileges.

The last as well as biggest game of the show was Battlefield 3. Two of the first things shown was an examination of the Frostbite 2 engine as well as a first quick to the multiplayer mode and one of the levels taking place in Paris. In addition to the multiplayer trailer, the stats-based Battlelog was annouced and declared free as well as a multi-console open beta coming in Sep. What followed was a live demo of a tank driver destroying multiple tanks on the armored vehicled as well as creating air raids with a UAV. As it finished, Battlefield 3 got an official release date of Oct. 25.

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