Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bionic Commando Multiplayer Demo

"RAD yo!"

Wednesday was the surprising day that Capcom released multiplayer demo of the sequel to one of my favorite games of the 8-bit era. If you had the Super Nintendo or the Game Boy, you should know what Bionic Commando was; it's no Spider-Man but at least you can attach crap and swing which is still awesome and ahead of it's time. With the world of HD and physics, Bionic Commando comes back with a new sense of reality with more dynamic swings. Thank goodness the demo has that apportunity to experiment with the swing mechanic.

Feeling like Spider-Man with dynamics and guns, the mutiplayer demo is just plain fun deathmatch with opportunities to swing and manuver. It's lacks flat land and doesn't have a 2D vibe; but instead the level the demo provided is multitiered and interactable. We can lock and grab on to anything including people (as well attack while grabbing) as long as it's within close proximity. Although provided the simple industrial poles to introduce the basic mechanic of swinging, the trees are swingable where you can make a futuristic Tarzan moment. The mechanics of the arm are has a sense of complexity and simplicity; where you just have to remember the trigger, the jump button, and the left stick to manuver the real-time swinging. It's easy to understand but challenging to handle when you are being bombared by strong firepower of a easily killable sniper rifle or the cheap shotgun but when you can master it and plan the swinging, it's a fun game for a good amount of 8 players per session.

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