Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Killing Day is alive!

Kotaku - Ubisoft's Killing Day Still Alive?

I remember that revealing of the Sony PlayStation 3 back in 2005 with the numerous "demonstration" trailers for the upcoming games which included the formerly named "I8" (now "Resistance: Fall of Man") and the heavily debated "Killzone 2". There were other demos besides the games that actually released with one exclusive by Ubisoft called "Killing Day". That was a sort of an underdog within the press conference as people were debating the aforementioned "Killzone 2".

When I first saw that footage of "Killing Day" I was literally blown away with the gun combat that existed which had the first person shooting perspective with dynamic hand movement which reminded me so much of Devil May Cry 2 where Dante can shoot multiple targets with his pistols. The gasping moment was when the floor glass was shot causing numerous shards to fall and the enemies to fall to their deaths. After four years, I am still pretty captivated since it looks real time even there are obvious hints that it was pre-rendered.

Time passed on and nothing else about the game surfaced but recently as I was reading the article on Kotaku, it seems that it's still alive. Even if I don't have a PlayStation 3, it's very exciting to keep something alive instead of being another recent victim of vaporware.

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