Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gaza - He Is Never Coming Back (review)

Did He Move Or Something?

West or East, there are prominent bands within those scenes; hardcore, metal, whatever. But the central zones are of lesser prominence. But within this decade, bands like Colorado's Cephalic Carnage and Cobalt have created sounds that are characteristic from their seabourne conterparts. Another one from Salt Lake City, Utah has some popularity especially in playing at every Dudefest. Gaza brings influences from everywhere and create cacaphonous chaos brought about by their debut I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die. Now coming back with their sophomore, it's been anticipated (especially at the Deibel magazine forums) that He Is Never Coming Back would surpass the Coalesce death metal infused barrage of noise from their first.

The common trait of Gaza is inconsistency, putting whatever into the plate while still trying to make something enjoyable. This album brings forward some of the opposite and making an their established sound streamlined. "The Kicking Legs" has beats of progressive metal, sludge, and grindcore; the whole song though feels like it has structure of what it's trying to be. There is no obvious blatant "we wanna sound like that at this part" section as this second outing is more subtle in presentation. The full songs are supported by cleaner progressive interludes that help give breathing room for the listener who might have been blown by the insanity and the rants about Jesus.

The song dynamics and the craziness that fills the record is assisted by a unique simple production style. Like When I Die, Never Coming Back tries to defy modern extreme music production by making it feel flat yet gritty and dirty. This though follows the format to a larger extent but lacking any punch or clarity for this case can make the listener sleepy instead of engaged. But acknowledging that it's meant to be this sort of fashion, you can actually get used to it like no problem as it's all about the songs.

It's a possible annoyance that a new listener can have the feeling that it's enhanced white noise. This is their own set of chaos with what they want to perform, not what what others bands or people expect. We cannot never try to taint their objective or else we will destroy the individuality of what Gaza is trying to deliver.


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