Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Week of Gaming Madness 2009 Part Four: WOLVERINES!

No review yet. I am working through my single player playthrough on veteran difficulty. It was the case with Call of Duty 4. I am a fan of the franchise from one to now yet as I played the first Modern Warfare, I picked veteran after ignorantly thinking that it's the easiest. What a dumb ass am I! Although with hardships trying to move forward to get to a checkpoint before a new wave of infinite soldiers, I succeeded with almost 1000 gamerscore with every mission done on the difficulty. I tried World At War but the issue is that it was too cheap with not just infinite enemy respawns but with the issue of grenades and just hoping for the best that I can get to the next checkpoint. I opted out.

With Modern Warfare 2, veteran is still balls to the wall hard but there are benefits to it (will keep brief). No grenade spam and no respawns! It keeps the game going for the determined yet gives them a time of their life.

Hopefully a review can be written tomorrow or else I might be distracted from multiplayer.

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