Friday, November 13, 2009

The Week of Gaming Madness 2009 Part Six: Spoilerific Chaos

I have completed the game a couple of days back probably by day two after release. When having a first playthrough on the hardest difficulty, it's very challenging to understand what really has happened because enemies are just bastards but reasonable bastards as opposed to the previous Call of Duty games. When before you had to be precise with what you would do, Modern Warfare gives more open air for the gamer to finish the situation because there is no grenade spam or respawing. Just you and probably a squad against a large force of Russians. But is it Makarov's Russian force or the actual country retaliating back?

Just like a high octane and big budget movie, there are plot holes being buried under the guns, killing, and total fucking destruction. An interesting thing was how people interpreted the storyline. It led to personal conspiracies of who is calling the shots. Most commonly was Giant Bomb doing a special podcast based on the single player campaign of Modern Warfare 2. They took it step by step of what happened but the confusion occurred especially in Vinny's case with the airport massacre. A regular player will get confused of what just happened and if they don't pay close attention to the loading screens and the in-game shock events, they are going to think it's dumb or something in particular. If trying to digest the story, the game wants the playerthrough think who is the real culprit of the airport scene and Washington D.C.. Is it really Makarov completely doing this? But after killing Shepard, it's pretty obvious that he done it. Makarov was part of Shepard's maniacal plan but Makarov's motives haven't really been revealed besides getting revenge on the people who killed Zakhaev from the first Modern Warfare.

Hope for the best that Makarov is a bastard to kill in the third chapter of the Modern Warfare series albeit the airport sequence wanted me to kill him at that moment. Although seemingly to be very prominent in the promotion, his screen time is very limited. He is the target that needs to be eliminated, but Shepard had to be stopped because he was initiating an unnecessary conflict for his own personal purposes. Probably due to losing his men from Al-Asad's attack in the first game and wanting to be a hero for invading Russia if America survives. In order to do so, he must recruit people; for that to happen in a world that can be relative to ours, the country needs to be attacked so people have the mindset to survive and protect their loved ones. It's crazy that someone of a prestige rank would want to deceive the U.S. by trying to encourage the U.S.. Just like the guys at Giant Bomb, it can be an allegory to our suspicion of our government.

These are dark time for Soap and Price. Now international fugitives after the death of Shepard. I can relate to the original Star Wars and Halo trilogies. The first feels triumphant, the second is the exposure of defeat and evil, and the third is the state of redemption and balance. How is Infinity Ward going to end the blast? One side can be more counter-terrorism or plain terrorism but for the benefit to make the world at peace again. Makarov, this time it's war.

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