Saturday, November 14, 2009

This Week of Gaming Madness 2009: The Future

Finally finished with my Modern Warfare 2 week blog about some interesting things related to the game. I have discussed so much about the story on Giant Bomb, posted my best time for The Pit (19 seconds!), and whatever that I can contribute to the game. After beating it, there will be a sequel; probably a trilogy based series with the next one being a sort of Return of the Jedi vibe. It will likely be so and that's good but when it comes out, will it just be same old?

To be honest, Modern Warfare 2 is similar to the first Modern Warfare. Tutorial in the second one feelt like I have done the same thing already just with no flashbangs. That and some other things like multiplayer feels much the same too; while still being great. The framework for the multiplayer is just the same. Deathmatch is still deathmatch and hardcore is still the same challenging playlist. No real defining perk additions besides the new kill streaks but they feel like helicopter but en masse. Titles and emblems are cool and all but does it really matter when people who just want to play the game? Very likely not. It's a pleasure but not a Christmas present that every kid on the street has or will get.

But being a Call of Duty game, what is there to expect? Nothing. Hopes to Inifnity Ward to blow our minds again with not just the same thing but with something special and spectacular.

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