Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dial - Dial

The Other Southern Noise

Noise rock is indeed enjoyable when it's smartly done but people will still hate it because it's noise unless something like Sonic Youth is in their iPod playlist. Anyways, New Zealander's Dial has a re-released demo by Robotic Empire and if I haven't known it was a demo, I would have considered it as a very well produced noise AmRep based EP which the demo was so everybody wins.

From start to finish it's full of short and sweet riffs that can intimidate people of the Hot Topic crowd, rawed-up shouts by Natalia Williams which made me joyfully giggle, and almost hypnotizing drum patterns that keep the songs alive and well. Being alive and well makes it more interesting to enjoy each song at different occasions instead of trying to find time to listen wholly for the full experience although it's awesome to do that as well.

It doesn't feel out of place and it's purely honest in what has. Only if they had more songs and it would be sex but with the content delivered in this 5 song EP, it garners the possibility where sex can happen with that cute glasses-toting brunette bookworm which is fine with me.


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