Thursday, July 2, 2009

Magrudergrind - Magrudergrind

Gold Chains & Grindcore

The District of Columbia is our capital where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous civil rights speech and as well as where the president takes a number two in his sultry White House. Besides the purely political, Washington D.C. is a home of hardcore and the descendants including powerviolence/grind threesome Magrudergrind who have been blasting since 2002 with recent contributions to Scott Hull’s extreme This Comp Kills Facists. Thank goodness Scott made it or else I wouldn’t find out about Magrudergrind’s newest self-titled steroid-fest.

It’s evil, heavy, powerful, fast, and all the other maniacal things I cannot comprehend immediately all in 26 minutes. Thanks to the production of both engineer Kurt Ballou and Scott Hull doing the mastering duties, the album sounds clean and precise while trying to be dirty and apocalyptic which fit the harsh musicianship. With an almost HM-2 Swedish tone the bass can be immediately excused as guitarist RJ sounds like a guitar and a bass at the same time. He attacks with the terrorizing fast punk riffs but he also delivers sludge attacks where it’s mastered in the standout track “Barn Burner” where vocalist Avi fills the song with the rasps and shrieks that can even terrify J.R. Hayes. Even the drums are freaky as it always takes a left turn in constituency and convention and goes for brutality and awesomeness with immediate tempo changes and variation.

Magrudergrind’s self-titled is mad and bad where it’s a no mercy campaign for pain. It’s hurtful but I would rather get inflicted with this because they know how to make catchy and un-boring grind even if they try the hip-hop sampled “Heavier Bombing” and that’s also an brutal piece to a brutal grind record.


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