Thursday, July 2, 2009

Suicide Silence - No Time To Bleed

Jesse Ventura Will Not Approve

I know Peter Dolving likes Suicide Silence and I cannot just say f-you to The Haunted’s preacher just because he listens to the ultimate equation of bad deathcore to the masses. The Cleansing was uninteresting and but gave another chance to contribute to the genre constantly (and ignorantly) loved by the 16 year old scene girls and panned by extremists. Now two years have passed by and there is nothing I can say except that the new record does it wrong with the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” theory and it ultimately sounds like The Cleansing.

I can hear that they are trying to do something new with No Time To Bleed to differentiate their debut with clearer production due to Machine (Lamb of God, Every Time I Die) but it sounds way too similar to the point asking myself which album is which. Vocalist Mitch still sounds like five annoying wah pedals and 5 annoying distortion pedals, the drums are over snapped due to snare dependency, and the guitars/bass are as before nonexistence unless Suicide Silence “breaks da f-bomb down” and they do so constantly in No Time To Bleed. There is some variation in songwriting with Meshuggah-like soloing and atmospheric soundscapes but they depend too much on either delivering boring d-beat action, boring death-blast beats, or boring breakdowns to pay attention to the unmemorable additions.

Give more weight to the fate of deathcore as one of the major players fails at trying to make something good or at the least interesting to the weakened field in a sophomore effort; although it will still gather new fans who enter death core as their extreme metal gateway. Pity if they listen to them instead of something not over monotonous from a band who titled their second album seemingly coming from Predator. Now I got that film in your minds here is how I figuratively wanted to do when listening to No Time To Bleed, “GET TO THE CHOPPA!”


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