Thursday, July 2, 2009

Iwrestledabearonce - It's All Happening

Where Is The Fountain of Aging When You Need It?!

At least some point in this part of the decade you heard Iwrestledabearonce. Don’t lie to me, you were tempted by your breakdown-induced metalcore friends to check them out or at least were curious after taking a look at who that band was at Century Media Record’s official website trying to first decipher the band name. I will not lie and just say yes I did but unlike all the friends in the band’s official MySpace, I didn’t like it after the first seconds through from their self-titled EP as it was head aching, noisy, and plain bad; and not in a good brutal sort of way. Now they released their debut album on aforementioned Century Media and with the time between, Iwrestledabearonce made it a bit engaging for everyone common and new to their style of everything; but only a bit.

When completing a full listen to It’s All Happening, I thought I would get a full understanding of the sound but I felt that I was missing something with all this intensive barrage of the -core breakdowns, the Dillinger/Melt-Banana-somewhat like noise assault, and the off-key Cristina Scabbia attempts at singing by vocalist Krysta Cameron. But as my head is still trying to balance after enduring the wall of sound, I realize that in a simple form is that the group uses too much techniques to the point it’s immediately unnecessary where it negatively affects the overall sound; but do they have an overall sound? Of course not! Give example of the fan and Kevin Bacon favorite “Taste Like Kevin Bacon” where it’s bad technical deathcore, overtly-cheesy new-wave, a dash of “operatic” vocals, and more deathcore with the horn of General Lee into a almost 4 minute song; though that can be an example of the overall sound. Although I would want to destroy the album, they provide some sections like in “Pazuzu for the Win” that have meaning and surely defeats the monotony and annoyingness of the EP and most of It‘s All Happening even it only occurs for less than a minute.

While making this review, I took another listen and realized something, although I and most of you guys thinks the songs are stupid, I believe Iwrestledabearonce would agree. Within the all fun and games territory, it’s something just laugh at with no beef but at Serious Land of Eavy Metuul, you can make some cool sections but bad is bad and this is bad so it’s bad yo!


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