Monday, July 27, 2009

Gallows - Grey Britain

Last Night In Town

Gallows' debut Orchestra of Wolves helped gain a strong fanbase in England while having one build up for their performances in the 2007 Vans Warped Tour, and the record propelled their signing to Warner Bros. records; but it didn't really convince me. A successor (especially in major fields) is challenging and can be a disaster but Grey Britain gives hope and a fuck you to the myth.

When Frank Carter shouts pure nihilism and anarchy in "The Riverband", there is no pretentiousness but honest anger towards his home country introduced long ago by The Clash and The Sex Pistols for the new generation of punks No calls of straight edge promotion, Christianity, or some stupid abstract imagery but straight to the point rebel yells. It's like being in a roughouse class where Carter is the teacher to kids who only know cliques not content. Everyone else compliments Carter's lyrics with fast hooky grooves that can make the Botch-y clones jealous for actually making something interesting. It's unrelenting and full of rage even at the most sombre moments of "The Vulture" and the part-destructive "Crucifucks". Acoustics and strings fill up the audial sky with danger and the air raid siren makes everything unsettling than it is.

Gallows are bastards defending the faith of what punk felt like back when the Queen needed some saving. Give them something personally hurtful and it's a city wide riot for them. We love their anger and it's time to join their movement for end even if we all die in the process. Let's just get Trap Them's Ryan McKenney out of Imaginationland to participate!


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