Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goatwhore - Carving Out The Eyes Of God

Spike your bullets!

Job For A Cowboy (which I will review the crappy new album later) is a big boy of Metal Blade Records, it's amazing that they got to a larger audience since their Doom EP but I later identified that it seems like blind luck got them there and that blind luck began the Hot Topic Bree Bree Core of Crappery. One band who is also in Metal Blade but not as "infamous" as JFAC is NOLA's own Goatwhore who knows how to deliver good on what they are ever since their label debut A Haunting Curse; blackened "fuck off and die" death metal!

Assault is a necessary thing especially in metal and having that first attack is necessary. Erik Rutan made Carving Out The Eyes Of God sound like an all out war on Jesus Christ where riffs by guitarist Sammy Duet and bassist Nathan Bergeron terrorizes from beginning to end no matter if it's thrashy, crusty, or black-y (notice the -, apologies). With the drums by Zak Simmons doing rapid fire blasts and d-beats, it makes the perfectly timed songs deadly headbang material even if you listen to Celtic Frost's Morbid Tales. Lets not forget vocalist Ben Falgoust who found the balance of space and punishment with his poisonous chants of the darkness so everyone has fair killing game.

The underdog can triumph and Goatwhore achieved in making a great record. I curse you if you don't listen to this record and/or don't like it because if you are in some MySpace deathcore band, I bet you were dreaming of Carving Out The Eyes Of God and having your extreme metal-illiterate teenager friends force you that the "xXxHxCxXxBREAKDOWN!" is the only entertaining form of "br00talness".


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