Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Capcom trying to stay high in these times?!

Link to IGN's article on the released Resident Evil 5 versus mode DLC.

During the Gears of War 2 release on November 7th, 2008, people who reserved the limited edition and went to the midnight madness event at a local GameStop were able to recieve codes to unlock the gold plated Lancer assault rifle and the Hammerburst assault rifle respectively. The interesting thing is that the gold plated skins for the weapons are already in the game and the codes acts like a key for use. I am fine with those kind of bonuses, it's pretty good use of bonus supplement material but what happens when you take these extras which are already in the game for a price to unlock?

Then here we go for the Resident Evil 5 versus mode that was released for download today for a decent fee of $5 (or 400 Microsoft Points in the US). Interesting thing is that the download size is 1.86 MB. I always thought that it would be at least 40 MB or something in that parameter as it's a new mode but apparently I was wrong. The mode was built in the game apparently and the download acts like a key to it.

In these troubled times and people are making choices on what they should be getting; not saying that we should'nt get video games at all, it's just a more deciseful situation on what can spend our time the most. Resident Evil is $60 new as it was recently released but when releasing a mode for $5 which is already inside the disc from day one is a high class of bull-shittery.

I only played the demo but I understand the controls enough to visualize the mode. Pretty much who aims and shoots first and/or has a stronger weapon wins. The problem is that it's gonna be like a Western standoff and it's gonna bore us. Also the brief cover system I saw later on in the game is gonna be non-existant which makes it worse; Capcom is not using their opportunities.

My questions goes out for Capcom... Who the hell made this bad marketing decision? Was it the same guy who decided the Resident Evil 5 demo should come to Japan months before the US demo release?

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