Friday, April 10, 2009

Oceano - Depths

"Hey mambo! Mambo Oceano!"

Deathcore is still walking a very thin balance beam where the floor is 10,000 feet down. It's been treated by hipsters who want to cash in and follow the same fashion of the same grooves and breakdowns we heard millions of other times. When will it all end?! It feels like never and the line will seem to get thinner/the notion that the copied over-monotony of the style is cool and will get you laid by the latest 16 year old Brokencyde fans. Oceano who is a deathcore band and released their debut on... Earache Records (THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE) is no absolute exception.

Too be honest with this album, it's very hard to listen and digest; it's not that there is some complex patterns or whatever (it doesn't), it's that probably almost every song here is pretty much the same formula as Whitechapel and other cookie cutter deathcore bands done. I felt like every song I go to, I will get a headache for pretty much every second as there is very little and mediocre d-beat action then go straight to the... *drum roll* BREAKDOWN! And how long does this last?! I cannot average but it's long enough for you to throw up like in that episode in Family Guy as it's dominated by the boring low B-note Mesa/Boogie amplified guitars with drums that sound like obvious EZ Drummer triggering. The vocals don't help either as it's more of a poor man's Vincent Bennett (of The Acacia Strain). It seems that the songs last too long as it should; it's like every song is like Discordance Axis' A Leaden Stride to Nowhere from The Inalienable Dreamless but boring. One notable but barely helpful exception is the album-titled instrumental which adds some interesting Meshuggah effect with some keyboards but it doesn't help the breakdown domination.

Defeated by the breakdowns (I hate this word now), thin production, and the annoying traits of everything else is just a damn shame. At least Oceano made one song interesting; which prevented the band from beating Suicide Silence as the worst deathcore band. I think I have brain cancer.


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