Friday, April 17, 2009

Rolo Tomassi - Hysterics

"Wanna Get It On Eva?!"

Rolo Tomassi's "Hysterics" feels so hysterical when I listen to it. The haunting yet childishly odd melodies is a propeller to very weird math-y based punk band filled with other cool influences like video games. The initial song Oh Hello Ghost feels like Luigi's Mansion with more 8-bit and a hardcore influence. Coming from Sheffield, England, I thought I would be expecting an offshoot of something by fellow Steel City brethren Bring Me The Horizon. Although in the "-core" background, Rolo Tomassi far different from the metal tones of Oli Syke's band to promote himself to scene kids all around the world... ahem I mean Bring Oli The Horizon. DAMN!

It feels comfortable to listen to the unknown and the wackiness that's "Hysterics" likely due to a interesting blend of a clean production and a garage recording. Drums feels distant but not flying away from another country when compared to metalcore drum production being overdominant. It helps compliment the off-time and groovy stylings of guitar and keyboards which help make necessary discordance and atmospherics in songs like I Love Turbulence and Trojan Measures. If this was a negative review, I would be mentioning that you should listen to The Dillinger Escape Plan to have the feeling but Rolo Tomassi gives new approaches of mathcore that can make Ben of DEP feel jealous. Vocalist Eva Spence has a good arsenal of vocals to match the music, sounding like a very cute girl at one part to a monster at the second; when comparing to her very attractive and girly physique, she would be a great date for any competent and respectable metal/hardcore fan. The mix of all these elements are mastered in their 14 minute finale of craziness, sadness, and closure Fantasia.

Although the surface Rolo Tomassi looks like a boring scene band, the sub-floors are filled with music that gives feeling and effort. It can possibly entice the very jaded extreme music listener and make him or her giggle like a Catholic school girl and can't resist listening to any of the songs.


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