Friday, April 24, 2009

Red Faction: Guerrilla demo out!

"Good Times with Weapons"

On August of 2008, I played the closed beta of the latest "Red Faction" game being worked on by Volition who also done the previous games as well as the "Grand Theft Auto" clone-y game "Saint's Row". It was a sort of a stealth test as it was dominated by bigger major league shooters but people who paid attention or still loved the previous "Red Faction" games got in with little info on what the game was all about. Months after it's end, I still remember the good times playing the game properly; destroying the shit out of the buildings and rebuilding to repeat the hilarious process.

They released the demo yesterday and the only simple reaction I can say after beating the very quick demo is... amazing. Ever since the demo to Fight Night Round 3 during the launch of the Xbox 360, I haven't had much fun until this demo was released. Consisting of 3 quick parts of one mission (out of the alleged 120 missions in the final build), it utilized three (or four) different mechanics including a third person shooter and a rail section and it featured so much ways to complete it. Constructed of an open world sandbox framework, it doesn't rely on linear design as opposed to the objectives. You can either for example:
  1. Jack a car to get the very maniacal Walker vehicle (will mention in a bit)
  2. Go guns blazing
  3. Run for it head on
  4. Go stealthy around the base
  5. Hammer the crap out of everything
I can mention more but I am still in a euphoric state. Besides the main objectives, there are secondary targets which can help or hurt the common meters in the game including public morale within the oppressed Mars, the resources of the enemy forces of the Earth Defense Force (Isn't that a game too?!), and others. I believe it's going to affect the future missions for the final game.

After getting the Walker, it shown how effective physics are in "Guerrilla". This is when destroying everything comes to effect when the mechanical monster can destroys the hell out of anything without any effort. Result is numerous parts falling flying and falling down with the thunderous feeling of actual buildings being destroyed. Volition seems to give time and care for the forceful desconstruction of buildings. Thank you Geo-Mod 2.0 for making me happy with physics again and reminding me that we can all be like Godzilla!

Then we have the final section of the demo which is the rail shooting. Giving a gun that's just a souped up "Halo 3" gauss gun and trying to flee from multiple EDF cars that can really kill is just plain awesome. Passing through buildings and cliffsides just reminds me of those classic chase movies. Also add a cool cinematic physics effect when the cars fly when shooting below them is just a great compliment to a great demo.

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