Sunday, April 5, 2009

How to play boring guitar with Black Tide! YEAH!

I am lazy so here is the link to it.

Oh man that's boring to watch a band with the head honcho still 16 and trying to be the next Metallica. It's surprising that the band has a major label record deal and seemingly making and touring mediocre "heavy metal" as their form of living. If they were in an independent label, they would have likely died or broke up while on tour without support. You can say the record execs saved them; so they are the good guys this time around?! Just wow.

Just watching this video makes me feel uncomfortable in many unexplainable positions. Is this guy expecting us to just watch and read what is he doing instead of giving some verbal advisory? Hey the Guitar World lessons actually try to help in some cases. Hey look at the camera for once!

Boring as fuck.

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