Friday, April 3, 2009

Trap Them - Seizures in Barren Praise

"Don't Call Off The Riots"

The noise and the Swedish buzz is always a call that Trap Them has come back to town with something destructive. They don't seem to know how to fail as their assaults of fast d-beat punk, deathgrind, and anthems of noisy experimental doom are just plain awesome. Seizures in Barren Praise continues and makes their previous releases sound like practice sessions as preparation for this monster.

Even with a cleaner and more transparent sound when compared to their garage-like Sleepwell Deconstructor and Séance Prime releases, everything is mixed just right so you can enjoy Brian Izzi's death metal riffs blended with somthing that Converge would make (which Kurt Ballou of Converge produced, always a great job), Steve Lacour and the much needed attack of his bass, and Mike Justian doing his best drum work since he was in The Red Chord. Lets not forget Ryan McKenney who sounds like a political rebel who will kick the ass of anyone against him. "Gutterbomb Heaven On The Grid" and "Mission Convincers" are great examples where both revisits the similar approach to "Deconstructioneer Extraordinaire" in Sleepwell Deconstructor where Ryan sounds like he is doing a very persuasive speech to the world supported by the doomy (and also now noisy drone) antics of Brian and Mike. Outside that are songs combining what sounded in your face in Sleepwell and the attack of Séance resulting with a more focused Trap Them. Seizures in Barren Praise has established the group's sound with every song that sounds catchy as fuck.

Mission accomplished guys.


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