Friday, April 3, 2009

Nachtmystium - Assassins: Black Meddle Part 1

"Back and Beyond"

Decibel magazine introduced me to a lot of things including the band Nachtmystium. Heck the name of the group sparked some interest. They put their album Instinct: Decay as one of the top 5 albums of their top 40 list in 2006. I wanted to take a listen as I wanted to start listening to black metal. Filled with low-fi buzzing psychedelia and somewhat inaudible but terrifying vocals, it was just fucking awesome to listen to. When I heard their new album Assassins, I felt a bit worried about the album being Instinct: Decay part 2. Hell, I was damn wrong. After a full listen, I didn't really care if they were really black metal or whatever. I just knew Assassins was just heavy and great.

"One of these nights, I am going to fucking die," the only lyric from the blasting "One of These Nights gives some preparation for the bombardment of fast black metal beats of "Assassins" and "Your True Enemy" telling us that they still have the dark edges. Even so, they seem to say goodbye to these traits with more slower and psychedelic tones of the instrumentals and the very heavy metal "Ghosts of Grace" thanks to Sanford Parker contributing with sound like cheesy yet nostalgic UFOs entering the planet earth. If I find a best metal vocals in a metal song award, it would be Blake sounding like an agonized drug addict in "Omnivore." The "Seasick" trilogy feels like a true farewell to the extreme roots and hello to a new world of experimentation; big thanks to Tony Laureano's off time and hi-fi drum work and Bruce Lamont's really relaxing saxophone helping make Nachtmystium's 4th album their most experimental and their best.


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