Friday, April 3, 2009

New songs by Converge! With Jake barking!

(Newest song up top and other new song bottom)

Filmed by Sean Gresens (Metal Injection)

Jesus H. Christ monkey balls! Converge will always compel me to love extreme music; as well as inspire me to make the music! They will never fail me (not even the 2004 album You Fail Me didn't fail me) with just making fun and destructive mixes of hardcore/sludge/fast/thrash/whateverthefuck traits that blows my face off (not literally of course). These new ones are no exception.

The newest one (New Song #1) feels haunting throughout even at d-beat rate, it feels like someone is gonna die soon after listening to it; hope it's not some long haired chick who wants to rape and kill me or something in particular. Jake still blasts his great barks of fury with similar but enjoyable patterns. Short and definitely sweet just like other "conventional" Converge songs.

New Song #2 is just a powerhouse of destruction just like songs from the No Heroes album like the album titled song, Vengeance, Bare My Teeth, and To The Lions. Besides the blast beats and the downward spiral riffs, you got a new piece of weaponry by Kurt with... SWEEP PICKING?! I am not fond with shred stuff but that's fast enough for me to be considered sweeping. It reminded me of some parts from their pre-Jane Doe album, When Forever Comes Crashing. It's not of course When Forever but feels like more of a cool blend of both pre- and post-Jane Doe. Also notice in the video some dude threw Jake to the crowd halfway of the song and later had a rather interesting topic about rape and dumpster babies.

Oh hardcore, you and your good clean fun.

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